BestHTTP/2 is a HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 implementation that supports almost all Unity mobile and standalone platforms (see supported platforms). My goal was to create an easy to use, but still powerful plugin to Unity to take advantage of the potential in HTTP/1.1 and later in HTTP/2.

For HTTP requests, the Getting Started Quickly topic is the next recommended reading.

Online resources

  1. A WebGL demo page is available to demonstrate a few capabilities of the plugin. Both the samples and server has its own git repo:
    1. Samples repository. All samples are in the plugin's package too.
    2. Server repository
  2. This document is a quick guide, not all functions and properties can be found here, but suggestions, bugreports and pull-requests are always welcome on the documentation's own github repo.


For support, feature request or general questions you can email me at, or create a new issue at the plugin's public Issues repository.